Built for Business: The Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

Langlois Volkswagen is sensitive to the needs of the modern business. And while we don't typically offer a fleet program, we are always willing to discuss a discounted rate when dealing in multiple vehicles. Of course, while we only do this on a case to case basis, the two most popular vehicles for this program, and for small businesses, tend to be the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta. The Golf and Jetta are exceptional vehicles, that already offer tremendous value. Read on to see if either (or both) of these vehicles would be right for your business.

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While Volkswagen doesn't have a specific fleet program, here at Langlois Volkswagen we have certainly offered discounts in the past for customers purchasing the Golf and Jetta in bulk. Two incredibly popular Volkswagens, the Golf and Jetta offer exceptional versatility, fuel efficiency, and value. The Golf and Jetta come with a 1.8L or 1.4L turbocharged engine, respectively, making for superior fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. This is a valuable asset to any business -- finding ways to cut cost and improve your business' bottom line is always an attainable goal.

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Another aspect of the Golf and Jetta that makes them appealing for businesses, is the Volkswagen warranty. Volkswagen offers a comprehensive 4-year/80,000 km warranty, which allows you, as a business owner, a sense of both security and relief when purchasing a Volkswagen. Volkswagen's warranty also includes roadside assistance, and Langlois Volkswagen offers free service loaners when your vehicle is in the shop; this means that your business doesn't suffer or stop in the (unlikely) event that your vehicle has.Again, Volkswagen doesn't typically offer a fleet program, but Langlois Volkswagen does offer a discount on specific vehicles. We also offer excellent financing options, tailored to your business, with some of the best rates in the industry. If you are looking to purchase multiple vehicles for your business, and are curious if your business qualifies for any type of discount, come visit us at Langlois Volkswagen and we will be happy to help determine if you are eligible.

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